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Câu nói của Viego khi Ban/Pick trong LOL

Written by: Nhi

Các bạn xem các câu nói của Viego khi Ban/Pick trong 1 trận đấu LOL.




Khi Viego di chuyển

  •  “She waits for me beyond the mist. My queen. My love. My black and broken heart.”
  •   “No price is too great. No atrocity beyond my reach. For her, I will do anything.”
  •   “Submission or death for all who live. In the end, it matters not. I will see her face again.”
  • “It hurts, my heart. It hurts so much.”
  •   “I want precious little yet am forced to kill for it.”
  •   “Soon, this long cruel night will end. But not yet.”
  •   “My forces scour the world. Nothing will escape.”
  •   “We were beautiful once.”
  •   “The curve of her lips, the softness of her smile.”
  •   “She was the star that lit my path. Without her… darkness.”
  •   “What is a wraith but the ravenous shadow of a man?”
  •   “Stand against me. Call me villain. Die.”
  •   “I feel her calling out ‘Viego, save me!'”
  •   “I will take, and take, until there is nothing left but her.”
  •   “The Shadow Isles are just the beginning.”
  •   “The mist is my great unending sadness.”
  •   “Her eyes were portraits of a world without my cruelty.”
  •   “What is lost is never lost to me.”
  •   “This mist has but one cure… and I will find her.”
  •   “And so it was that love was the gravest sin of all.”
  •   “It is such a small and fragile thing, love.”
  •   “There is no salvation from the dark, for the dark is me.”
  •   “Isolde is gone. Yet I remain.”
  •   “I am already a monster suited for the horrors I must inflict.”
  •   “The world denied my happiness. Now, all will die.”
  • “Isolde was my life. Viego died when she did and the ruined king was born.”
  •   “The black mist flows from me like a tide. At times, it ebbs, but now we surge forward.”
  •   “I remember her sinking beneath the waters… and then… and then…”
  •   “A world that would rob me of beauty is a world that deserves destruction.”
  •   “Hate me if you must. Until she returns to my arms, all will be brought to ruin.”
  •   “I will rip her from the jaws of death. Fate cannot stop me. Nothing can.”
  •   “A crown lost long ago, reborn in unlife, ripped away from his only love.”

Câu nói hài hước của Viego

  • “Sorry, went down the wrong pipe.”
  •   “Mist, get out of my lungs, I command you.”

Câu nói chế nhạo của Viego

  • “You stand in the way of my love. A mistake.”
  •   “Step aside, peasant. You are nothing compared to my queen.”

Khi Viego tấn công

  •  “Fall beneath my blade!”
  •   “Deny me no longer!”
  •   “Serve me in death.”
  •   “My love! my love!”
  •   “Where is she?!”
  •   “You stole her from me!”
  •   “Die for her!”
  •   “Anything for her.”
  •   “Lowborn filth.”
  •   “The mist devours all!”
  •   “Why do you fight?!””
  •   “I am inevitable.”
  •   “Ruin to all!”
  •   “All shall know my pain.”
  •   “Stand aside, churl!”
  •   “This is my decree!”
  •   “The mist beckons!”
  •   “I will rip your heart.”
  •   “You face the ruined king.”
  •   “Be one with the mist.”
  •   “I must have her back!”
  •   “Peasant!”
  •   “Bring her back!”
  •   “Return her to me!”
  •   “You dare face a king?!”
  •   “Love is my weapon!”
  •   “She would want this!”
  •   “You would stop me?”
  •   “Tell me where she is!”
  •   “Be brought to ruin.”

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