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Câu nói của Rell khi Ban/Pick trong LOL

Written by: Nhi

Các bạn xem các câu nói của Rell khi Ban/Pick trong 1 trận đấu LOL.



  • “Weak.”


  • “Nothing gets in, nothing gets out.”

Khi Rell di chuyển

  • “Run ’em all down! We’re good, they’re bad, and that’s all you need to know.”
  • “This ‘little girl’ is about to crush some heads.”
  • “Fight like you mean it. Die for something that matters!”
  • “The armor keeps the world out. The lance does the rest.”
  • “I’d rather break rules than people, but I can make exceptions.”
  • “I’ll twist Noxus until it snaps.”
  • “I fight for the lost. But mostly, I just fight.”
  • “Bones shatter and people lie, but I can always count on iron.”
  • “If I trusted people, I’d need even more armor.”
  • “The helpless fight. The hardened live.”
  • “Friends just get in the way.”
  • “Don’t let anyone in. Never let anyone in.”
  • “The Black Rose may have done this to me, but Noxus knew.”‘
  • “Hurt me enough and I’ll split your head open.”
  • “Noxians aren’t the heroes they think they are.”
  • “I survived the academy. My ‘instructors’… didn’t.”
  • “Everyone who’s ever stood in my way is dead or broken.”
  • “Forge your heart into something strong, unbreakable.”
  • “Trust is a luxury no one can afford.”
  • “They call it ferromancy. Metal magic.”
  • “The Rose wanted me to be a weapon. Well, here I am.”
  • “I’ll finish this fight. I’m the only one who can.”
  • “These sigils are a reminder. Screw my sigils.”
  • “Memories suck.”
  • “Forgiveness? Never.”
  • “They’ll pay for what happened to me. Noxus, The Black Rose… everyone.”
  • “When steel crashes against steel, it’s so loud. I almost forget.”
  • “The Rose ripped the magic out of my friends and put it into me. I hate them.”
  • “The people who hurt me are dead. All but one. My mother.”
  • “Those academy kids are still out there. I’ll find them all. I’ll save them.”

Câu nói hài hước của Rell

  •  “Iron body, iron will!”
  •   “I refuse to be broken!”

Câu nói chế nhạo của Rell

  • “Weeeeeeee.”
  • “I’m the happiest girl in the world.”

Khi Rell tấn công

  • “Now I’m mad!”
  •   “This is gonna suck for you!”
  •   “Hey, idiot!”
  •   “Sit down!”
  •   “You’re too soft for this!”
  •   “Oh, we’re fighting!”
  •   “You got a problem?!”
  •   “They’ll find you in pieces.”
  •   “Hope you brought an army!”
  •   “I’ll bust you down to scrap!”
  •   “Guess we’re doing this!”
  •   “I don’t move for anyone!”
  •   “I’m pissed!”
  •   “I told you to stay back!”
  •   “Here comes an ass kicking!”
  •   “This’ll shut you up.”
  •   “Say goodbye to your teeth!”
  •   “Do! Not! Push me!”
  •   “This is who I am now!”
  •   “You can’t fix what I break!”
  •   “You’re nothing.”
  •   “You! You’re in my way!”
  •   “Step up then!”
  •   “Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”
  •   “I will kill you!”
  •   “Dumbest fight you’ve ever picked.”
  •   “This is for everyone I’ve lost!”
  •   “Out of my way!”
  •   “Alright. Die then.”

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