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Câu nói của Gwen khi Ban/Pick trong LOL

Written by: Nhi

Các bạn xem qua các câu nói của Gwen khi Ban/Pick trong 1 trận đấu LOL các gì thú vị không nhé.




  • “Head high, chin up, scissors ready!”


  • “Why not? My scissors don’t bite.”

Khi Rell di chuyển

  • “Scissors, needles, thread? These were my maker’s tools. I won’t take her gift for granted.”
  • “What a strange wonderful world. I must make sure it stays that way.”
  • “Back when I was a doll, I really wanted to fight. This is my chance, my only one.”
  • “Alright everyone. First, we must win. After, I’ll be glad to fix any clothes, hair, or broken spirits.”
  • “I certainly endured far worse than this.”
  • “Still can’t believe I get to move my hands and feet all on my own!”
  • “These turrets look strong, it will be quite fun cutting them down!”
  • “I’ll make sure my allies feel the joy they deserve!”
  • “I’ll break as many needles as it takes to get this right.”
  • “I sense their resolve. No matter, mine will be stronger.”
  • “Don’t waste a minute!”
  • “My maker, wherever she is, I do hope she’s happy.”
  • “I must hurry if I am to win.”
  • “That brisk, fresh air!”
  • “No time like the present!”
  • “The memories I stitch here will be my own.”
  • “I’ve got to make each footprint mean something.”
  • “The wind at my back feels so good. I can’t lose this, I won’t.”
  • “What happens next, I get to decide!”‘
  • “The Black Mist won’t hurt anyone, I promise.”
  • “They’re trying to stop me. Well, they can keep on trying!”
  • “If only she were here to see this, see me.”
  • “I will experience everything like I never could before!”
  • “The struggle is worth it.”
  • “Onward!”
  • “This is better than a dream. It’s real, and I won’t ever forget it!”
  • “Oh, what to do!”
  • “No one said life would be easy. That is it’s charm to be sure.”
  • “Seeing my dress twirl reminds me to smile.”

Câu nói hài hước của Rell

  •  “Just like the good old times. Sweet, simple, and out of control!”

Câu nói chế nhạo của Rell

  • “I heard something. ‘You are bad!’ They said it, not me.”

Khi Rell tấn công

  •  “Oh, joy!”
  •   “Looking for a tailor?”
  •   “Whatever it takes!”
  •   “This’ll cheer me up!”
  •   “Most terrific!”
  •   “What a delight!”
  •   “How fun!”
  •   “With pleasure!”
  •   “I run with scissors!”
  •   “A few quick cuts!”
  •   “Pure bliss!”
  •   “I’m not afraid!”
  •   “Cut fast, cut strong!”
  •   “Here’s a sewing trick!”
  •   “A great day to fight!”
  •   “May I jump in?”
  •   “No loose threads!”
  •   “Alright, my turn!”
  •   “Ready as I’ll ever be!”
  •   “Marvelous!”
  •   “I needn’t hold back.”

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